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Colonisation of Mars

In 1969, a new era started in space-observation. Two men landed on the Moon’s surface and left their footprints there. 41 years have passed since the last manned Moon mission and I wonder what it was it like to see the broadcast on TV or read the newspapers at the time and I believe that my generation might experience the same feeling when humans travel to Mars.
Conquering the Red Planet would definitely be the greatest achievement of humanity. We would become a multi-planetary species, and science-fiction would turn into reality. But is it as good as it sounds? Let’s say humans will have the technology to reach Mars, plant bases, solve the problem of oxygen and water supply and have the ability to safely return astronauts to Earth. Sounds incredibly awesome. However, we would still have a “few” problems. Mars has a thinner atmosphere than the Earth, and it allows lethal radiations to reach its surface. The Earth’s ozone layer protects us from these killer rays but our body would su…

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