An overview of AI

Whether you have a smartphone or not, you have probably heard about artificial intelligence. AIs are super clever programs with the ability to learn. Humans have robots for decades and now it's time to give them consciousness.

Would you like to have a digital assistant who provides you information you need? Sounds like a sci-fi movie but it has became reality. You don't need any special computer or device to try AI out. For example, if you have an iPhone, you can have nice talks with Siri. Not a big deal, isn't it? But it's far from being everything AI is. The key words are machine learning. Nowadays we can teach programs  to recognise new objects just by telling them how this object looks like. Show a dog to an animal-recognising AI and it will tell you if there is a dog in a totally different picture or not. (Well, it's actually a far more complicated process which requires difficult programming skills. It would deserve an article itself, because in the present one I'm trying to introduce AIs in a nutshell.) So an AI can recognise any object based on its details and look. Even different traffic signs, lights and situations even through a camera. What if we program a robot to drive a car? Elon Musk, owner of Tesla claims that  by the end of 2017. they will have built a self-driving car that can drive from the East Coast to the West Coast in the USA and the driver doesn't even have to touch the steering wheel.

AIs have different level of intelligence. An average digital assistant can tell you about the actual news, the weather, etc. and is able to recognise your voice and commands. But we can find YouTube videos of robots debating on various topics. This is called strong artificial intelligence. But how far can we go by creating machines that can mystify us? Let's say you're in a chat room and you've to decide if your partner is a human or a robot. Believe it or not, we already have the technology that can mislead you. You won't know that there is a robot or a human on the other side until somebody tells you. 

What will AI be able to do in 2025? This is the question which excites me the most. Hopefully, robots will keep us safer. It's a fact that thousands of jobs will be replaced by robots in the next few years , which will lead to chaos in some job sectors. They will do everything better and faster than we so what would prevent from building chip transplantation into our bodies and becoming superhumans? What if they invent new things we don't understand? Probably a robot will never have feelings, only thoughts. The future we see in science fiction is not a long time. The future is now.