Capital punishment in the USA

Background: I'll take my level C1 level English exam in April, 2018. Therefore, I have to practise writing. The book I'm preparing from has some writing task samples and this was one of them. Plus, I've read a few articles about executions and I found it very interesting.

Very few countries still have capital punishment; the United States is one of them. Some of its states have their own procedures and some have banned this form of punishment.

The government is trying to provide the most humanitarian way of execution. Yet, many say it is still too cruel even for a serial killer. I tend to agree with these people. Even seeing an execution is very harmful to our mind and personality, but being the one to be executed must bring about terrible feelings and unbearable stress. Nobody should experience this. But let's see an example; a criminal murdered several women mercilessly, he may have suffered from some incurable mental illness with no hope to be a normal person. When the victims' family meet the killer in the court, understandably they want death penalty for him. He deserves it, he killed people they loved and he is dangerous for society. What would be the solution? Lifetime sentence does not always solve the problem, sooner or later the US will run out of prison cells.

According to another point of view, the death penalty is necessary for its deterrent power. Criminals know they will be sentenced to death for the most serious crimes therefore they think twice before committing it. Capital punishment have existed for thousands of years so is this the time for a change? Maybe it is not a fair form of justice in the 21st century, maybe it is necessary, this remains a question forever.

Looking at the statistic gives an interesting result: more black people were executed than white. Is it racism? Everyone has their own opinion, but I think it is just because black people are more likely to become criminals than white people. Many of them grow up in ghettos, they join gangs, etc. This does not mean that the white are any better. They may have a different background which helps integrate into society much better. One more point I would mention: the miscarriage of justice. If it turns out that an executed person was actually innocent or we got more details which lessen the crime, there is no way back. We have heard stories about innocently executed people, so how can we make sure it would not happen again?

To sum up, I would say the capital punishment is too brutal but sadly, there are people who deserve death. I truly hope after years, decade or a century humans will live in a world where they do not need this form of justice.