Why we love music

Background: I'll take my level C1 level English exam in April, 2018. Therefore, I have to practise writing. The book I'm preparing from has some writing task samples and this was one of them.

When I hear great music I obviously become happy. But why does this happen? Can you imagine a situation you do not want to hear your favourite song? Because I cannot.

Biologically, music increases the dopamine level in the brain therefore it can turn into an addiction as well. I experienced this myself. I got used to listening to music every morning. When my earphones stopped working, I become heart-broken. I was about to get a new pair as soon as I could because I missed my songs so much. But this all is not the only reason why we love music.

Music is a way of expression and communication. It helps us express how we feel when we cannot find words for it. This is the driving force of musicians (Well, for the better ones). It brings people together. I met a stranger once, we had the same taste in music. From this point it did not matter if he was black and I was white, if he was much older than I, still we had a common point to talk about.

Music is not just a feeling. It is everything; music appears in all cultures from the very beginning. Life would be boring if it would not surround us.