Behind The Fall of Man

Background: My penfriend got this question as an essay topic and she asked  me about this. However it's far not everything.

Do you think we can say that when Adam and Eve ate the fruit of Knowledge they were unconscious about the consequences so it ended up bringing misfortune on Earth?

Short answer: No I don't. If they had been unconscious, the act wouldn't have brought misfortune on Earth. Long answer: let me explain how I think about this.

Why do we commit sins? What makes us human beings? One word: consciousness. We know what counts as sin because we have the ability to see the difference between good and bad. (Would you blame a tiger for killing? It is driven by its instincts.) This is where the example of Adam and Eve comes in. I say example because Adam and Eve did not exist as exact people and they did not ate the Forbidden fruit as an exact act as it is written in the Book of Genesis but this story transposes the reality into an understandable form.

Everyone knows the story of Adam and Eve. God creates the first man and woman, they are living together in the Paradise. Only one thing is forbidden: eating from the Tree of Knowledge. The devil , in the form of a snake, tempts Eve by telling her that eating from the Tree of Knowledge makes them as powerful as their creator, God. He also tells that God does not wants them to know this. However, from this point Eve knows that it is a sin to pick a fruit from the tree she does it, tastes it and offers Adam. We know what happened next. They became outcast and so their offspring. So the question is: do Adam and Eve knew they make something bad when they ate from the Tree of Knowledge? 

For some people, it can be difficult to approach this topic from a non-religious perspective, because the existence of God and the Devil cannot be excluded. A non-religious person can refer to them as the Good and the Bad. When God created the nature, the animals, they all filled Him with joy. But something was missing. All the animals were living in a perfect harmony, because they were created to live in a perfect harmony. Every living being loved God because they did not have any other chance. Hardly, but we can say everything was blind and God knew this. He wanted something conscious. Only one thing was conscious this time, God himself. “Therefore God created man in his own image”. God loved humanity so incredibly much that he gave them the ability to refuse him! And this means the ability of knowing that bad things exist. Atheist people say: so you admit that God created the bad? No I do not, people made bad for their selves. All sins' root is the rejection of God. It follows that Adam and Eve knew that God does not want them to eat from that fruit and this example represent our free will, our ability to choose between good and bad. To answer the exact question, if Eve had not been conscious she would not have eaten from the Forbidden Tree because she would not have the ability to decide. If Eve had not been conscious, the Forbidden Tree would have lost its meaning immediately.