Preparing to the New Year

For me 2017 was a year full of excitement and changes. If I have to highlight the best things happened to me I would say they were my holiday in France and in Italy. In September I organised my days better so as to have time for more studying. I learned more in only 4 months than I had done in the past two years. I was looking forward to the New Year very optimistic because this is the time when I can make powerful resolutions. 

I think everybody should make some promises for themselves on the first day of the year. The majority only say that “I will get this done later” or “I will do this and this soon” but sadly, these thoughts are almost always gone within a short period of time. But if everybody would write down their resolutions, I am sure they would be less likely to fail. If they are only in our thoughts and wishes we don’t have to face them in case we don’t get them done. This is why I was trying to set several goals written down on the first day of the year. I just asked myself “What are my purposes for the next 365 days?” and I fixed everything that came into my mind. Almost everybody has some kind of New Year’s resolution but only a few have it written. It is ten times more efficient if it’s visible all the time. In my opinion, saying “I can keep it in my mind!” is not enough.

For me New Year is like full-moon in the Chinese mythology; I feel extra powerful, capable and energetic. Even if New Year only means that we write a greater number in dates. Exactly one year later, I can reflect on the past year and realise if I kept my resolutions or not. Maybe if every human being asked themselves if it had been one of their best year so far and how they could make the following one even better they would be happier in general. To create valuable time, reflecting is as important as setting goals and resolutions.