Being alone

Personally, I think most people associate being alone with sadness and loneliness. The stereotype is that people who like being alone are antisocial, aloof or even unfriendly. Many say it is an unpleasant feeling. These people will avoid any kind of situation where they would be alone. (In school, girls walk hand-in-hand to the restroom.)

In the past year I started valuing the time I have got. For me, being alone is not unpleasant but I actually enjoy every minute of it. I am not unfriendly, nor antisocial. I have a bunch of friends and a loving family but I just enjoy quality time without anybody around. If I do not count the sleeping time, I spend 14 hours out of 16 surrounded by people I know and often talk to. Being nice and interacting with others throughout the day needs energy so when I go to bed I usually fall asleep immediately. I have noticed that if I speak and interact less I am more productive. In the state of being alone, I can recharge my mind and focus on what really matters. It is also a perfect time to get things done and make plans.

When I am completely alone, I often take a notebook or a sheet of paper and write some things down. It eases my mind so I can pay all my attention to one task. When I am doing something alone even small things make me extra happy, for example a cheap coffee bought on the street or a walk at a nice place. During these times I do not worry about problems but I rather think about solving them. Because I am alone I can approach the problem itself from a different perspective and use critical thinking to get results. It is an extremely efficient way to get rid of difficulties. However, thinking is not enough, I must act too.

Every person should have one day per month when they spend some hours in silence in order to have a more balanced life. We can be sure it is a time well spent.