Generation Z in the Future

I hear the expression Digital Natives quite often. I have been called one many times, e.g. when I introduce myself to an older person. They usually ask me “When were you born?” and I answer “in 2000”. Then they might say “Oh dear, so you are a Digital Native! You belong to Gen Z.” Well, that is true, although most of them do not know that it means anything else but having smartphones and digital gadgets.

Every generation has its own behaviour. Like Baby Boomers who are associated with a redefinition of traditions and the members of Generation Y (or also called, the Millennials) are said to be the first to have access to the growing technology. What about Gen Z? Personally, I think that this generation has more characteristics than any of the previous ones. They are entrepreneurial; the majority of Gen Z are still under legal age, even more than half of them claim that they want to be their own bosses by running businesses and startups. (based on a study in the US) I think this will lead to an incredible amount of new products or even new economic sectors. They are also less focused than Gen Y was. They are experiencing new updates every day which can easily draw their attention. I experience it myself. Nowadays, children can easily become screen-addicted, but able to do multitasking better.

Gen Z children are open-minded and collaborative. They are focusing on saving, not spending (maybe it does not seem to be true but it is). Unfortunately, this generation will be the first to experience the damage humanity has caused so far to the Earth. They may or may not solve the problem of global warming, overpopulation and many more. I hope that in my adulthood I will not experience terrible diseases and I truly think Gen Z can reverse the Earth’s conditions.