Free Unlimited Knowledge

Before the age of information, people had to go to libraries, bookshops and communities to learn and access new things. Almost all knowledge involved some kind of payment, so not everybody could afford to train themselves. Although, libraries still exist, people can learn about pretty much anything on the Internet.

Since the 1990’s, has the Internet turned into one of our most used tools. The youngest generation finds it a very natural part of their lives. This brings about both to positive and negative impacts on them, but if we use it with an awareness of its dangers, Internet can be the biggest library we have ever been in. I find it incredible that we only need broadly three components to get almost every information we want; a computer, Internet access and time of course. Millions of free or cheap online courses, tutorials, descriptions, forums and e-books about every topic one can imagine are available. We can easily learn almost any skill online, and even make money with it. (learning = earning) However, it is challenging to choose from the boundless amount of learning material. We are receiving a massive flood of information every day. Too much. We can hardly control this, so we may unconsciously feel anxiety very often. It is easy to become confused when searching on the Internet because the information we find on any website may contradict a different information we have seen on a different piece of website! Whether we want it or not, this will actively influence our thoughts unless we learn how to select only the necessary and useful amount of data. “Knowledge is power” they say, and I would add “... but too much of it is unhealthy”.

Good news, if we structure the information we let into our minds, we can easily develop ourselves in every field. The Internet provides us with an opportunity that people in the past centuries did not dare dream about. Being an autodidact has never been so easy as it is right now and I think every person should grab this chance.