About me


I’m an 18-year-old Hungarian secondary school student, living in Budapest. I created this blog to relieve the overwhelming of the flood of information I get every day. I'm interested in several things such as:
  • Programming (C#, developing on .NET)
  • Everything about blockhain networks, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • Trading with stocks and currencies 
  • Entrepreneurship - I will start my own business sooner or later!
  • Any kind of space stuff, SpaceX and NASA (and literally everything that Elon Musk does)
  • Translation (I translate English to Hungarian on a freelancing website)
In the future, I'd like to learn about data science and artificial intelligence.

I have a much longer list about things I want to learn so I'll never get bored in the rest of my life. I read a lot but I don't consider myself as a bookworm. Yet, I have my reading list. I love travelling and playing chess, however it's been a while since I last had a good game.  Classical music is my gasoline.

All articles on this blog are written by me. I get most photos from Pexels. Check out my Quora profile.

Posing with the Clock Tower
Me giving my first interview at a youth conference in Regensburg

This is my travelling shirt.