Below you can see my "Top Useful Websites" list. When I come across an interesting or useful page, I save it as bookmark. I realised it's impossible to follow every of them so I just collected the best ones here.

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Extended version of Wikipedia. You can learn almost anything step by step, from improving your resume to introducing yourself in Korean. A massive amount of knowledge is accumulated here. Also, it's super easy to find what you are searching for. 
I bless the creator of this website. 

A bit similar to wikiHow. Investment tips, freelancing guide, retirement plans. A complete financial  library can be found here. I know this page will help me spending and investing my money effectively.

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Ebook Friendly
Ebook Geek Heaven. Not just recommendations and articles, even funny cartoons.

Meet your next favourite book - the motto isn't clickbait. Reviews, ratings and a good community, not just for bookworms. I often visit this website when I want to find a book.

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Quora is a forum for curious and intelligent people. Have a question? It's very likely that somebody has asked it already. If not, just submit it and users will help you.
For example, have a look at this: What is the height of confidence?
100+ answers. Most of them are super interesting. And it's completely free. Isn't it wonderful??? I started my self-improving here.

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Not just a simple word-finder. Fascinating articles about the English language!

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Type your voice in dozens of languages. Very helpful while writing long texts.

Here are a few more I recently discovered:

I may describe them briefly and extend this list with great blogs.